One of my fav shows started tonight. Anyone that knows me, knows that I went to a fine arts magnet school before we moved to Macon. I receive relentless teasing about this from Bert. He imagines that it was like Fame. I get questions like, " Did you answer roll call with jazz hands?" or " Did you wear tights and cut out sweatshirts to english class?" The answer is no!
Though I cannot sing a note and my main reason for being there was dance, my time at Davidson does incline me to a love for anything dramatic and musical. Basically, watching Rachel and Finn dance down the aisles of the library of McKinley High singing Madonna unleashes a certain nostalgia for adolescence and past performances. Okay, and I'll just confess right now that I do in fact reenact the performances with Loulie to a blaring background of itunes while Bert is at work. (We have been busted a few times.) Single Ladies did not become her favorite song out of nowhere.
So back to tonight's kick off of Glee...it did not diasappoint!
1. Finn's try outs for the Cheerios--hilarious, I was rolling!
2. The new quarterback--though I prefer brunettes, he is smoking!
3. Kurt--enough said, I just love him and his gray feminine sweater.
4. Sunshine's version of Listen--Bert thought better than Beyonce
5. SUE--better than ever. Where does she think of this stuff?
6. Quinn back on the Cheerios--is she changed? will she be nicer?
7. The Beist--people are not always what they seem. Loved the lesson turned around on Mr. Schu
1. Where was Emma? Did I walk out of the room and miss her appearance?
2. Artie and Tina's break up--I love Artie. Who breaks up with Artie? And for her dance partner--broke my heart for that sweet little muffin.

Yes, I am a geek. I still love teenie bopper shows, a good musical number and the drama of high school romance. Between my love of Glee, the occasional dvr-ing of 90210 and a recent order from Forever 21; I think Bert fears that I am going through a quarterlife crisis. Maybe, but that will not keep me from harnessing my inner Rachel tomorrow and downloading NY from tonight's show--for Loulie, of course ;)

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