A Confession

I guess I will go ahead and say it....
Iwill be 30 in 67 days--yikes. To combat the stress and horror of this inevitable occasion, my college friends have planned a girls' weekend at the beach. I could not be more excited to relax, lay out, drink wine and spend time with these friends that I rarely get to see now that I live in the lowcountry. There's just one catch, I will be missing this little lovebug like CRAZY.

In 13 months, I have left her overnight one time and wasn't even away 24 hours. I know, I know--maybe I'm a little nuerotic, too attached, overly protective. Say what you will but I just miss her so when she naps much less leave her for a weekend. But you only turn 30 once and every momma needs a break so I'm leaving tomorrow for my first long weekend away. Loulie Bug will be with her Lovey(my mom) all weekend so I'm not worried about her--she will have a ball. ME?--I will be enjoying myself and the company of great friends but looking forward to having these arms around my neck on Sunday!!!

Happy Weekend!

(*We miss you Husky Bear & Bridget Bojangles!)

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  1. I know- it's SO hard to leave them! But... make your time away count. Enjoy yourself and relax!