Birthday Bug

So if you read the last post, you know I got pretty sentimental and nostalgic about my Bug turning One last week. Everyone has birthdays but for some reason, all last Thursday I felt a sort of humble pride (there’s an oximoron for you). I knew I had not done anything and Loulie had not done anything but I was so proud of her and that we had made it through the first year. She has become such a sweet, spunky little girl with such a big heart. Bert and I just couldn’t help but celebrate everything Loulie for about five days in a row.

The last day of her babyhood was spent at none other than our favorite spot on Earth--Sullivan’s Island--our haven away from everything stressful, worldly and technological. Loulie, Lovey and Aunt Muffy spent the afternoon basking in the sun, playing in the waves and riding in her new wagon. Of course, Teddi and Sulli joined in on the fun too because no princess would travel without her guard dogs.

The actual Big Day began with a pancake breakfast, phone calls from friends and family followed by a picnic and playtime at the park under the Ravenel bridge.

My hope was to get some great one year pictures with the ocean and Charleston Harbor in the background. Truth be told, it was kind of a cluster--super humid, no wind and a somewhat fussy toddler. (WHAT!--did I just say toddler?)

The result was some very sweaty, red faced pictures--not what I had hoped for but still beautiful and will be a funny memory of the day.

By the end, we were having fun though...

Then we went home for the unveiling of the new play yard and toys (more on this in a future post)--Loulie LOVED here birthday presents...

Friday night, we had a family birthday dinner courtesy of Lovey and Aunt Muffy. Mom made a delicious dinner, Loulie had her first sugar and we opened presents and played with new toys. Loulie picked out a new doll, Emma, while shopping with Grandaddy (who ignored my requests to not spoil Loulie) earlier that day. Emma, seen below, has accompanied us on every outing since.

(Mom, Dad, Loulie eating cake)
(Loulie putting her baby in their new high chair)

The weekend culminated in a bug birthday party for our Loulie Bug!

Loulie had a ball...

We are so blessed by family and sweet friends that traveled near and far to come celebrate with our Bug. I think all the kids had a great time and we did too!

(The one with the most chocolate crumbs wins...)

I loved every minute of celebrating almost as much as I love my Loulie Bug. Thanks to all the family and friends that came to celebrate, gave her such sweet gifts and celebrated in the humid Carolina air!!! We hope and pray for a healthy and happy second year ahead!!!

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