Technical Difficulties

Last Friday night hanging out in the mountains:
Bert: You really should start backing up your work.
Me: My computer is less than a year old. I'll start backing up my work.
Bert: You would hate to lose all your work, those pictures of Loulie--her entire life is on your computer.
Me: OKAY, stop talking about it. You are going to jinx me.

Two days later I was fighting back tears in front of Patrick at the Apple store as he told me that none of my data transferred to my new hard drive. Everything lost--Loulie's first steps, all those pictures, my music, all my OCD lists, etc!!!!

But $250 later, Tim at the data recovery center in Mt. P has recovered my data. I am going to get it this afternoon. The good news too was that my hard drive was still under warranty.

Learn from me people--back up your work!!!

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