I have a Christmas card idea...to be revealed later. But in the meantime I needed just a regular picture of Bridget and Loulie. So, we headed over to the county park for a little photo shoot this afternoon.
Now, I must admit that Bert warned me ahead of time. It went like this...
"Honey, do you think it is a good idea to take Bridget and Loulie to the park together and then expect them to sit still for a picture? I mean, you just said photo, dock and the name of our kids in the same sentence--not a good combination."
(*Do you like how we refer to Bridget as a kid?)
But I did it anyway and it was a cluster but not near the ordeal that it could have been. After 250 pictures and running around the park after a dog and a one year old, we headed home for Loulie's nap and some editing.
Here are some of the out takes that sum up Loulie's sentiments on having to sit still. Also included is some evidence of the abuse of Bridget--Loulie has a lot of love to share and whether fortunate or not, much of it is directed at Bridget.

Just plain mad
"Oh Bridget, I love you so much I'm going to squeeze you to death"

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