Their stocking were hung by the chimney with care

I live in Charleston, right?
I was just wondering since it feels likes I am sitting in an igloo at the South Pole. This unusual freezing weather has made me feel a little like a shut in but it has been somewhat nice being forced to stay inside and relax. I've spent tonight curled up by a warm fire, working on some Christmas gifts and watching Chronicles of Narnia (one of my favs). It has been one of those evenings that has been a combination of getting a lot accomplished along with actually relaxing and enjoying the warm feeling that comes with having a clean, decorated house.

I wish we could keep our houses decorated the entire year or at least half. I actually have a distant relative that puts up his Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and does not take it down until Easter. Strange I know but I kind of get it. Every year I go on this nostalgic walk down memory lane while I decorate. With a birthday and an anniversary in December, I've had a lot of gifts and memories that somehow include holiday decor. I usually try to bring Bert in on this walk down memory lane. Try being the key word here. He's not unkind about it--he'll politely nod and smile; all the while I know he has no idea what I am talking about and in the back of his mind he's creating a list of all he needs to get on his next trip to Lowes.
So this year i'm sparing Bert and staining you on the sentimentality of a few Christmas items--I call this "If my house was burning I'd grab...(Holiday Version)"
The #1 being this... I realize that it looks like a 1970s handmade tree skirt and that is exactly what it is. My grandmother made one of these for all three of her girls to put around their tree when they got married and she made one for herself. I imagine it took her forever to sew all the tiny beads and sequins on. But as one who takes joy in creating things myself, I'm sure she loved putting all of that effort in making something for her children. My grandmother passed away the first week of December, three weeks before my wedding and the night before a group of friends threw me a Christmas shower. My mother had already wrapped this up to give me but after the events of the night before, the tree skirt had a whole new meaning. I miss my grandmother a lot through the year but most of all at Christmas time and it always happens that I am decorating the same week she passed away. I love pulling this out as my final touch to the tree and remembering my grandmother.

On a lighter note, you can't help but notice that our last name has a festive ring to it. It can get a little annoying this time of year. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times we get "where's dancer and prancer?" Yes, people are stupid and every one thinks they are the first one to crack that joke. Bert has been putting up with a lot longer than I have. The good thing about being a Dasher is that 1)it is easy to match a first name to it and 2) anytime anyone sees a cool reindeer ornament, they think of you. Hence, the 5000 reindeer ornaments we have.
My absolute fav is the one of Dasher in evening wear. Our second date was on Christmas Eve--way too early in to buy a gift but we had talked enough that we both knew we really liked each other. So Bert gave me this ornament "so I would remember him." Looks like it worked. I always hang him towards the top of the tree.If you are still there, I promise I am wrapping it up.
Bert's aunt Hilda is sweet and very talented and decided years ago that Bert and I had to meet. So she and my mother worked out a plan that she would bring me over to Bert's parents to pick up some pottery that my mother ordered from Hilda and magically Bert would be there. Well, the pottery that we picked up was two clay angels and a year later everyone in the family joked that two angels had brought us together. Bert and I both call that angel Hilda. Anyhow, she gave us this big angel on our wedding day and I absolutely cherish it. She sits on our coffee table and watches over us.

Okay, that's it. It's actually not it--I could go on and on but for the sake of time and your patience, I'm going to stop. I hope everyone is enjoying the weeks building up to Christmas.

Stay warm,


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