My little Elf

I woke up this morning feeling under the weather--Boo. I've eaten almost an entire bottle of vitamin C in the past 24 hrs because moms can't be sick during Christmas. It should be a rule.
Because no matter how hard you try to make the season about the birth of Christ and giving to others; there are just little tasks that keep you up late, make you tired and eventually get you run down. I have already decided that next year I will be finished with gifts, decorating and any ancillary tasks that takes away from spending time with my family or doing for others before December.

I will say this despite the exhaustion I am feeling at the moment--even the ordinary tasks have been more fun this holiday. I have a little worker bee that follows me everywhere and is so eager to help. Loulie may be a little crazy (sorry to anyone who may have been in a 5 mile radius of Whole Foods last week and may have heard her tantrum) but she has such a caring heart and spirit for helping others. It doesn't matter what I am doing, she is there assisting me.

From the cooking....
to making gifts for everyone...

(sometimes she even lets me join in)
to just bringing general holiday cheer...

I am so thankful for this little elf.

Hoping your to do list is shortening by the minute,


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