A very, quick to the point post...

It's Christmas Eve Eve, also known at the Dasher house as our anniversary.
When I picked this date four years ago, I didn't realize that I may never get to celebrate an anniversary--that one day I would have kids and a bazillion things to do two days before Christmas. It makes me all the more impressed that my friends that had kids at the time even made it to my wedding at all. If you're reading this and you were there--I love you for it! But our wedding day was kind of a novelty and certainly different so I don't regret a thing about my date.

For one, we got married at 11:00 in the morning with only about 40 people there--our family and closest friends. We served Communion to all our guest which was one our favorite parts. It could have ended then and there and we would have been happy. I think I danced back down the aisle. Our minister actually said he would see us that night and we both had forgotten we were even having a party later. We left the church and had a beautiful luncheon at my in-laws house. Later that night we invited ALL our friends and friends of our parents to a reception. Because I just couldn't escape the whole "Christmas wedding" our first dance was to "All I Want for Christmas is You" and Santa drove us off is his convertible. I second and third guessed our song but now I love it--how many times do you hear Mariah from Thanksgiving weekend on?--well, each time I hear it, I think about the Husky Bear (aka Bert)!

We actually did get celebrate today. My mother was kind of enough to watch Loulie (I say that with sarcasm b/c for a minute Bert and I thought she may not bring her back) so that we could go to dinner. Instead, we went to an afternoon movie. I haven't been to an afternoon movie in about 3 years--it was such a treat. We held hands, took our time running errands afterwards and actually had a complete conversation--all things a couple with a one year old find a rarity and quite exciting.

We saw Love and Other Drugs. Three things about the movie...
1) Jake Gyllenhal is beautiful
2) Anne Hathaway is beautiful (I want her skin)
3) Warning: way to much nakedness--I was embarassed, even in front of Bert and would have died if I had actually gone with my mother a month ago when she asked me to.
4) we thought the whole depiction of the pharmaceutical industry was hilarious and very true both being former reps and all. (Clarification: * We however did not take part in the darker side of the industry;) )
5) Best thing about the day--last line--Bert said it was true of me for him just like Jake and Anne. Ahhhh--we still got it! (cheesy, I know but it's my anniversary, we can be as cheesy as we want)

Okay, that was 5 things. I gotta go start cooking. I am in charge of the oyster dressing--big deal, I am taking this responsibility very seriously. Considering, I am usually just in charge of bringing wine or napkins or something equally unculinary. I have advanced to the big leagues--I am now in charge of a dish. Wish me luck!

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