Stage an intervention, I have an addiction...

I should not be allowed to read--Period! I get so completely wrapped up in a good book that I all but put aside basic hygiene and daily responsibility because I just succumb to the turning of the pages. That is if it is a good one. When I was reading the Twilight novels, I had to give myself rules so that I could get other things done.
As a resolution this year, I made an actual list of the books I want to read but could never have prepared myself for the little surprise Suzanne Collins would have for me. Oh, I have some C.S. lewis, a book on photography, some John Irving and a book on parenting in the first few spots on my list. But while I was in Augusta, my cousin handed me the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy describing the basic outline of the first book. I was skeptical just like with Twilight, thinking "I don't do sci-fi, scary or post apocolyptic." Wrong. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
The down side is Loulie has had to learn to bath herself and work the stove because I can barely get my nose out of now the third book in five days! Just kidding, it's not that bad. No need to call child services. I have been taking care of my child and house but after that Bug is in the bed; I am concreted to the sofa flipping pages until all hours of the morning. 
Bottom line--go get it! Unless you have a lot to do, then wait for spring break or something. I won't describe the plot to you because you will think I am crazy--just take my word, pick up Hunger Games and read 40 or so pages. Then forget about showering, brushing your teeth or eating for four days and call me when you've finished page 390 of the Mockingjay!


Team Peeta,


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