Glimpse of Spring

Monday morning has brought the cold dreary January weather back with it. Yuck! Work or no work, office or not, boss or freelance; I have decided everyone gets a case of the Mondays--even Loulie Bug Dasher. Who can blame her or anyone for that matter after coming off such a beautiful, fun weekend? It was 70 degrees here in Charleston--a nice surprise after what has felt like an endless month of bad news and gross inside weather.
We made the most of it. Friday night, Loulie and I headed over to Aunt Muffy and Uncle B's to have some dinner and so she could meet Collin, their nephew on Bruce's side. Loulie and Collin are 6 months apart and hit it off. I'm glad Bert wasn't there because by the end of the night they were hugging, kissing and had caught Bieber fever. He's already horrified that she can shake her hips like that.

Saturday we took a little adventure to Fresh Fields Village down at Kiawah Island. This is a mere 20 miles from our home but we have never taken the time to explore the area. This was the perfect time to take Loulie because it was quiet and tourist free, except for us. We walked around with our camera and Bert fell in love with some of the simple architecture. It gave him some great ideas for IceHouse designs.

We let Loulie run around, took some time checking things out and had lunch outside. We ended the day with a long family bike ride and more outdoor time with Bridget.

Sunday was even more perfect!!! Do you ever go to church and there might as well not be anyone else there because you are just sure that the minister God is speaking directly to you? That would have been me yesterday. One of our new ministers, Simon Guillebaud, has just joined us from Burundi. And man can he send a message. We haven't been able to attend church regularly in January due to illness and other things so it felt good to be back. Also, for the first time ever, we dropped Loulie off in the nursery without a single tear shed--Go Big Girl! The only slightly embarrassing moment was when Loulie, who has just learned the sign for stinky, turned to the pubescent boy not wearing deodorant next to us to share her opinion on his pheromones. Lovely.
I was able to catch up on a few projects that I'll post later this week and then spend the rest of the afternoon outside.

Have you ever met a dog that likes to slide? Bridget cannot handle anyone playing or having a good time without her.  At least she has learned to take turns with Loulie.  I'm not sure how it looks in these pictures but it is hilarious live.
I wish every weekend could be such a perfect combination of physical activity, rest and fun. It sure made facing this cold, wet Monday a little easier. I'm about to head off to the vet with Bridget and Loulie--pray for me! :) I'm hoping the equivalent of social services for animals doesn't take her away because she is approximately 500lbs. I am just bracing myself for the lecture from Dr. Patrick. 
Have a happy week!

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