Did I just dream all that?

I am back...sorry to leave you with such dark and sad thoughts for two weeks. 2011 certainly has not started the way we expected but what is that saying about making plans? Oh yeah, don't. After my uncle's passing on Jan. 3rd, I hopped in the car leaving my sweet Loulie, Bridget Bojangles and my parent's two dogs in the care of Bert so that I could go be with family. The funeral was on Thursday and after getting home late that night, I awoke the next morning to an aching back and tickle in my throat which turned into five days of a 102 fever and ravaging body pain. Just as the fever let up, we received news that my brother in law (married to Bert's sister) was shot in a hunting accident. He is okay--praise the Lord! but gave us quite a scare and is still dealing with some rehabilitation and pain control issues. Needless to say, it has been a doozy of two weeks but one thing has been certain--the Lord shows up EVERYWHERE! In the darkness and pain and fear, he is right there answering prayers, making things more bearable and sending signs of love through all of it. I'm sure I'll want to divulge more of my experience over the next few weeks. But for now I would just like to pretend that everything is back to normal. So I'll focus on one of the more important occasions of last week...
That's right--MIss Bridget Bojangles Dasher celebrated her fourth birthday last week. Because it was on the day that I had the flu and there was a winter storm and everything was closed, we still have not celebrated. We will though, right after we get her to the vet for her yearly check up. She is a big fat oaf but I just can't help but love that sweet face. As Bert put it last night, that's breath only a mother could love. Like in the morning when she lays across my feet and I say "Bridget, get off." And instead of getting off, she crawls closer and presses her freezing cold nose into my arm. That's love! She was my first lesson in unconditional love and I realize it's ridiculous but I just couldn't go without recognizing her big day! Happy Birthday to my big polar bear!
I'm not making any big promises or expectations for the week but I hope I am back and blogging more regularly and with happier (or at least more boring) news!

Cheers to an uneventful week ahead,


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