The Bewitching Hour--the REAL reason Jesus turned water into wine

This is what our house looks like around 6:00 in the evening...

It's not pretty. And like flipping a light switch, Loulie's collicky twin can appear from nowhere. It's pretty hysterical if you think about it. About the time you start to cook dinner, straighten up the house, and your own engine gets a little low; the kids decide to unleash the beast.
I have a friend who home schools her three kids with another on the way--she is the sweetest, soft spoken, faithful person I know. When discussing the bewitching hour phenomenon and how we feel bad that our husbands daily walk into total chaos at 5:30 and who would want to come home to that, she remarked, "That's why I start drinking wine at 5:15 so that when he walks in the door at 5:40, I can put on my happy face."
Isn't it the truth? I am not a big drinker at all but I truly believe that God invented wine for this very reason. The Happy Hour is not for the young and free but for those that need a little dose of happy to forge through to the 7:00 hour.
That being said, the above picture was taken while we were making brownies for Bert. Everything was fine until I moved the pan from the counter to the oven. Loulie dove head first into the batter, laid out on the floor and proceeded to tighten every muscle in her body and scream. Being the great mother that I am, I went to grab my camera because this is good stuff to have on hand for blackmail one day. I should probably be embarrassed that my child can throw such an unbelievable fit but I am really just jealous--jealous that I can no longer shove my hand into chocolate batter and throw a tantrum when it is removed.

At any rate, this little episode and the events that followed kept me from writing my St. Patty's Day post--I am always a day late and a dollar short. We didn't really get to celebrate--we had a doctor's appt during the parade and none of us look good in green. Plus last year's experience kind of scarred poor Loulie. 
     It was St. Patty's Day, I was late for work, Bert was dressing Loulie. He yelled upstairs asking what I wanted to put her in. I yelled back anything green. When I walked downstairs, she was wearing a camouflage onesie with a ruffle on the back that my dad had bought her as a costume. Running late and all, I went along with it. Keep in  mind the child has a wardrobe ten times nicer than my own and could have been in any number of cute dresses but green was necessary. We arrive at daycare when the director says, "Oh Mrs. Dasher, did you not get the memo?"
"What memo?"
"Well, it's class picture day." 
So there's Loulie in her camou onesie for class picture day. I might as well have given her a miniature rifle as a prop and maybe a little squirrel tail cap. Add that to the list of proud moments in parenting! :)
SO we bypassed the green this year but did listen to a little St. Patty's Day trivia. St. Patrick was actually not from Ireland, he was from Wales and his color was not green but blue. He is credited with bringing Christianity to the pagans in Ireland. So I kind of like the whole March 17th celebration a little more now--because I love blue but am mediocre about green and totally dig St. Patrick's passion for Christ and    sharing it with others. I'm not sure where the leprechauns and beer come in. the only thing I can think it that St. Patrick came home a few many times at 5:30 and introduced the beer to the Irish as well!

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  1. I know those moments can be tough. But THANK YOU for grabbing your camera! That is too hilarious!