My munchkipufferoo...

My tater tot turned 18 months old today--something very bittersweet for Bert as well as myself. We have kind of dreaded this in a weird way since it kind of marks the end of her babyhood and moves her more towards the toddler title and even closer to the twos. Luckily, I woke up to the same sweet, snuggly baby girl that was here yesterday. I really wish I could put a weight on her head and keep her this size because I just can't imagine life getting any more fun!
She decided to celebrate today by painting the toilet with red lipstick while I was in the shower (apparently there was a tube in the trash can--oops!) and demonstrating to me how to start a car. Seriously, I let her sit in my seat while I was cleaning out the back seat and she grabbed the keys off the cup holder, stuck them in the ignition and tried to start the car. Are you kidding?!--do I ever wish that mothers really did grow eyes in the back of their head because I sure need some. 
Anyhow, I know not all of you are interested in the ins and outs of LB so go ahead and skip this part--it's really for her one day. 
If I were on top of things, I would have some stats from her doctor's appointment but since that is not until next week I am guestimating that she is 33 inches tall and 28 lbs. She is very active--running, gymnastics, riding in her wagon, driving HER car, dancing, etc. We read about 40 times a day and she loves to help with any task.
The best thing about Loulie at 18 months old?--she gives out hugs and kissed as freely as Obama spends our tax dollars and I LOVE it!
Oh and the other best thing--she has finally learned to say mama which she repeats 4000 times a day. She also says "Hi Bidge" everytime Bridget enters the room. Melt your heart!
Okay, I'm finished. Sorry to go on and on. I can't help it. I kind of love this little muffin.....

Little bit of Bert
little bit of Lauren

Completely Loulie

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  1. SO cute! And I love the "gives kisses and hugs as freely as Obama spends our tax dollars."