Practicing Rocky Top...

It's official--My dad retired last week after seven months of deliberation. Whew--I know he is relieved to have finally made the decision. Not to alarm anyone that knows him--he has not lost his mind. This is a four day retirement before he starts his new job. We all know that Big Tom will never completely retire--he loves his job too much for that.
Now for the bigger news--the new job is in Knoxville, TN!!! Yes, after 17 years in Macon, Fredda and Tom are moving to orange country and I couldn't be more thrilled for them. They/we have gotten so many signs that this is the right move for them and if there is anything that my mother loves it is an adventure.
At a party last night, one of their friends was talking to Bert and me about their move. 
Bert said"knowing Fredda she'll have a new best friend on her second day there."
Mom's friend corrected him, "No, knowing Fredda she'll have a new best friend her FIRST day there."
So even though I know my mom is a little nervous, I think God has nothing but good things in store for them. I guess they'll be trading all their red and black for orange but that has always been my mother's favorite color anyway.
Loulie and I have been practicing "Rocky Top" all weekend and can't wait to visit this summer. We have heard it is just beautiful--Athens in the mountains as some friends have described. Great hiking, great restaurants, beautiful mountains, on the river and obviously a football team.
At the moment, my parents know about three people up there so if you know anyone or have any good suggestions on people, places, things to do; please let me know. It's kind of fun to see that God never quits surprising you!

Happy Monday!


  1. Just found your blog! Love it!

  2. Hey Lauren! I saw this on facebook, and had to comment. Tinsley Youmans and I are back in Knoxville (we both grew up here). Shoot me an e-mail at sammaharper@gmail.com I have tons of recs for neighborhoods, churches, restaurants, etc. Let me know if they have questions!