This is your brain on 5 hrs of sleep...

Loulie and I traveled back to Georgia AGAIN this weekend. I have been having a little middle ear trouble that was causing me some problems. We headed to Macon last minute on Friday morning so that I could get an MRI. While having your body shoved into a giant magnet is not the most pleasant of activities, I am so grateful to my brother in law for helping me out and getting me in quickly. (I really don't know what I would do without him and his innate generosity. He really doesn't think twice about helping others.)
 This is going to shock most of you who know me but the MRI did in fact confirm that I DO have a brain. It is there and empty of any funky growths and my ears are healthy--praise the Lord!


Even though a last minute trip to Macon was not in the plans it worked out great for two reason:

1) My dad's last day of work was last Wednesday so we got to spend all of Friday afternoon and Saturday with him which was awesome and also unheard of. I cannot remember in 30 years when my dad was just hanging out with us at 2:00 on a weekday afternoon. Though he enjoyed being with us Loulie, he admitted that retirement was not his bag. Good thing because he left Sunday for Knoxville so Loulie, my mother and  I got to see him off which was worth the long drive home.

2) Loulie and I got see my nephew's first baseball game of the season. We missed my other nephew's because of Loulie's nap but will have to get over there again to see him in action. The picture below is from after William's game and has quickly become my new favorite. 
My two nephews are as handsome on the inside as they are on the outside and I'm pretty sure Loulie was the envy of every middle school girl at the baseball fields that day.

So after a quiet weekend with family and an uneventful trip home on Sunday, I have been thrown back into reality--a filthy house and a to do list a mile long. And who really wants to do anything but play outside and enjoy this glorious weather? Is there such a thing as seasonal ADD? Because I have it!
Here are a few pictures of Loulie with a cherry blossom background. Macon hosts a big festival every year and even though we missed the festivities my mother and I were trying to capture the beauty. I'm pretty sure I threw out my back lifting Loulie into that tree but I think the outcome was worth it! 

Happy First Week of Spring!!!

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  1. Hello Lauren. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did because now I can follow your blog. It is so inspirational!! I totally love your daughter's name. (Of course.) What's funny is that my name in Greek is actually spelled Louli. I thought I was Americanizing it by dropping the o. Have a beautiful day!