Postmodern reflections on religious attitudes

Our small group is in the middle of studies right now. As a way to educate ourselves as well as arm ourselves when asked questions about Christianity and our love of Christ, we decided to delve into a couple of different religions. Because how arrogant is it to push your beliefs on another person without knowing theirs? I feared this a little at first hoping that nothing seemed to make too much sense to me because the last thing I want to be is a doubting Thomas. I should have known that after reading through two chapters on Islam and Mormonism, that God's truth would be even more real and that my soul would rest in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. That his death on the cross is the only thing that can save me and bridge the gap between my sinful self and God.
I did however find the Buddhist idea of reincarnation fascinating. The idea that you can die and come back as something or someone else. Because ideally all Buddhist should want to come back as the one and only....Miss Bridget Bojangles
She spends her life "resting" on top of our bed. She doesn't seem to care if it is needed or not. And when the sheets are being washed or there is something of her interest on TV, she just makes herself comfortable in the den...
When she occasionally gets the energy to get up, she has quite a few past times that interest her...
It's a Hard Life

Oh, and she's not loved at all....

Oh to live the life of Bridget Bojangles--sleep, play, sleep, ride,sleep and eat. Bert and I joke everyday that we want to come back as her!

(Bet you thought from my title that this was going to be a serious post--yeah right, it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!)
*But if you are interested in learning about other religions as well as their thoughts on Jesus, pick up Fast Facts on False Teachings)
Happy Weekend!

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