The fastest long weekend

Warning: I am about to post an absurd amount of pictures of Loulie Bug.

I apologize. If it bores you, just skip this post but I honestly can't help myself. We had one of the best weekends in a long time and I just had to post some pics of my girl having fun. Lovey and GDaddyBoy were here this weekend and we packed it in.
First haircut
Dinner with cousins
First birthday party for a classmate
Sewe Wildlife Festival
Dinner for GDaddyBoy's Birthday
and unfortunately ended it with Loulie's First Sick Visit to the Doctor (although I feel fortunate we've made it this long)
You can tell from the pictures how much Loulie is growing up. She was so proud of herself doing all these big girl things this weekend. We have been looking forward to this weekend and my parents visit for a while now so it went by pretty fast for what was supposed to be a long weekend. Luckily, we spent most of today at home trying to help Loulie get over her sinus infection. I'm starting to panic looking at the to do list for the next four days and it is already past midnight. Not much time for an in depth post so hopefully I'll be back again this week.
I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow. :0

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