Staying at home...still learning the ropes.

I had no idea the cut throat operation that is preschool valentines. Many of Loulie's classmates' mothers were previous teachers--lucky kids.  While I was all excited about taking Loulie to the closest drug store tonight to pick out which Disney princess she wanted to express her two year old feelings of love, other mamas have all but knit together hats for each kid. Too bad you can't hand out business plans or an excel spread sheet--I used to tear those things up in my past life. 
Mrs. Dasher could you put together a plan on how to increase sales by 30% next quarter?--Sure thing! 
Mrs. Dasher can you cut out shapes and design a clever Valentine that also envelopes some kind of healthy treat by Monday?--uhh, what?! 
I personally blame pinterest for all this overachieving. That didn't keep me from immediately peeling out of the school parking lot and heading to Michael's. I can't have Loulie be the only kid with Walmart valentines and cruddy Dollar Store candy!!! After perusing the already empty racks--I still had nothing. I called mom.
"Why didn't you tell me this was a big deal?"
"Lauren, 20 years ago we used construction paper and glue. Besides, aren't the kids supposed to make them?"
I had now spent the better part of my morning on this.
I picked Loulie up from school who kindly reminded me that she has a party on Monday and wants to make a valentine for "Copie" because "she loves hims"!

*Three hours. Loulie's nap. 20 Work calls.*

"How was your nap Love Bug?"
"Go away mama! I want Daddy!"
"Go away!"
"That's not very nice. Are you going to continue to be mean to me the rest of the day?"
"Yes ma'am"

Yes ma'am? Yes ma'am?--No valentines, unproductive morning, sassy baby but manners!!! Oh yes, she unsolicited used her manners! It may not be a 30% sales increase but it's a victory nonetheless and I'll take it!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am going to be the worst, most judgmental mom of all of the over-achiever moms when henry gets in school and that's a fact. I bought all the stuff to try to make valentines "with" henry and never got around to it so I guess thats $25 wasted wal-mart dollars and a big fat motherhood fail for me, too.