January Pics & a Week I Hope to Forget

This week began with both Bert and I being taken down by the stomach flu and ended with Loulie taking two consecutive dives off various pieces of furniture. (Small gash but luckily no stitches needed.) So not good. We also lost our sweet girl Sulli which has left my heart so heavy. I've felt silly for feeling this way and being so upset until Bert pointed out that Sulli has been part of our family for half of my sister's life. And that's what good pets do--form a place in your heart forever. So I decided just to give into grieving knowing that it will lessen with time. I'm also still trying figure out how to explain death to Loulie who keeps asking to see Sussiboo. I tell you, it's a hard one and more and more I wish these kids came with a manual.
The good new is that Loulie must have the immune system of an ox because this is the 2nd year in a row that she has avoided getting a disgusting bug that I've shared with her. (I'm just going to take credit for that--10 months of breastfeeding=awesome immune system!) Also, Bert finally moved into an office outside of the home. While there are advantages and disadvantages to this, I am pumped because I now have my own office/writing/sewing nook! YES!!! I'm still organizing my stuff and hoping to repaint but have already made a skirt this morning for a friend's child and here I am blogging in peace and quiet. 
This office brings us one step closer to accomplishing some new year's resolutions which I am coming to realize are goals that I will be working towards all year. I really sat down and thought about what needed to be changed individually and as a household. Some were immediate but most are works in progress that I am having to be intentional about each week.  Which makes sense--if they were easy fixes then they wouldn't need to be resolutions.
Which brings me to Lent. I am thinking about giving up facebook in some form or limiting my time doing useless things on the computer (facebook, pinterest, etc.) Bert thinks that even considering it means I should probably go ahead and commit to losing it for 40 days. Anyone else tried this? 
And lastly, some pics of my Bug from January. I didn't post much on her sweet, growing self. My little nurse just proved what big girl she is becoming this week by dressing, feeding and entertaining herself while I got acquainted with the bathroom floor. At one point I crawled to the sofa to lie down. Next thing I know, she has covered me with her favorite blanket and is rubbing my leg saying "You gonna be okay momma. I get you some medicine and a kiss and you be okay."Oh that sweet baby--we're hoping to have an extra fun Saturday to make up for being such slack parents all week!

Cheers to 68 degree winters! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey- I gave up Facebook for Lent last year. It was so not a problem- except Michael kept having to brief me on the lives of our friends. But not checking it just "because I'm filling time" turned out great and I was truly more peaceful overall. I'm doing it again I think.

  2. Lauren! I miss your face! :) I absolutely love keeping up with you on your blogs - you are such a sweet soul and I'm so blessed to know you! Next time you're in Knoxville we'll have to meet up - even if we have to meet in the middle for lunch or something! I know Kate and Loulie would absolutely love each other! Love and miss ya - Jewels