It's a double edged sword this whole motherhood thing: on one side you have this view. The whole "who the hell has time for that?" mindset. On the flip side there's the "you stay at home and you can't find the time to work with your kids on a simple craft? What else are you doing?" I'm just going to confess, I've been guilty of being all judgey on both sides. And after my tirade last Friday and now being in the actual shoes of a mother, I feel super bad for thinking either. And as usual, Bert put it all in perspective for me: "they are just going to throw it away anyhow, what do you think Loulie would like to do?" And then my own conscious reminded me to not really give a damn what everyone else was doing and to just enjoy hanging with my Bug.
So we made these:

They are valentine pinatas filled with M&Ms. A homemade valentine meant to be torn open and thrown away! And we had a big time making them. I cut out the hearts and obviously did the names. Loulie and Bert decorated the back. Then I spent about 10 minutes sewing them together and filling them with the candy. All with the Rio soundtrack (per LB's request) playing in the background. It wasn't until they were completely finished that Bert pointed out the mess they could make being torn open in say the car. By that time I was unconcerned and just hoped that the kids would have some type of supervision when going through their valentines. 
The frightening part of this whole ordeal was watching Loulie decorate her hearts. 
"What sticker do you want to give Griffin?"
"Hmmmm" (at least 2 minutes passes) "Dat one--the froggy."
Poor child has my OCD/ things must look just as I envision/older child syndrome. And to place two such people in a situation, each with their own vision? Well, it requires wine, patience and lots of prayers!
But does it really matter what you're giving out when you go to school dressed like Tammy Faye Baker?! Loulie picked out her outfit head to toe on Monday. And nothing says party like a fur coat and sunglasses!
All in all, it was a sweet day. I have never been one for valentine's day but this year we went out with friends to celebrate a birthday. Well into the wine tasting, someone suggested that all the guys had to recall to everyone how they met their wife and how long they had been together. After hearing some hilarious stories and holding my side from laughter; we noticed that many of the couples had known each other 10+ years and based on statistics should be divorced. And since everyone in the room had just reminisced over fateful meetings and years of courtship; someone toasted to "Great friends and beating the odds!"
And I'll celebrate that any day!

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